I think through painting. To navigate its perimeters I unfurl matter, processes, images and context in order to investigate how this medium configures painterly thought and generates meaning within the contemporary imaginary.

In this search, always seeking to augment and multiply possibilities, I constantly find myself between binaries; limits that are beginnings; spaces where the lines separating mediums, concepts and prejudices are blurred; in-between places where polarity is waived to gain multiplicity. I look for the point where tension is greatest and from there I endeavor to construct an—uncertain—universe facilitating the ideal context to interrogate, disturb and give new meanings to pictorial practices.

Painting is self-reflective by nature; painterly thought is as malleable as the substance itself. Therefore my work is multifaceted; a to-and-fro of actions, signs and manifestations. Even though my way of thinking is constructed through abstraction, I do not see it as a confine, but rather as a starting point which often leads to figuration. In the same way, I submerge myself in the canvas, but at moments I retreat from it to question how painting operates in relation to the architectural and exhibition space or in correspondence to the landscape. I play with different forms of representation to explore their role within the artistic practice and to examine the ways in which they engage with the spectator.

I assume the painterly undertaking as a physical, cognitive, emotional and intellectual act, which functions both at a personal and collective level, capable of creating situations through which corporeal awareness is gained—not only of one’s own body, but also of that of the painting.